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Therapeutic Ultrasound in Long Beach

Healing from an injury or addressing chronic pain does not necessarily mean using traditional treatments. In some cases, you or a loved one may benefit from ultrasound treatments. By understanding the treatment and the benefits of it, you determine when to discuss your options with a professional.

athlete and knee injury

What is Therapeutic Ultrasound?

Therapeutic ultrasound from our chiropractor refers to the use of sound waves to treat pain in your body. The treatment focuses on using ultrasound, or sounds at a pitch that is out of range for the human ear, to encourage natural healing. The sound causes vibrations in the body and focuses on a specific area of the body. As a result, a professional stimulates the area and sends a signal to the brain. 

The goal of treatment is healing and recovery. Depending on the type of injury and the impact of the problem, the treatment may help with your discomfort. Since we develop a personalized plan for your injuries in our clinic, the specific use of the tools and treatment may vary based on your personal needs and health.

Conditions Treated

The conditions we treat with ultrasound vary based on your situation. It is particularly effective against soft-tissue concerns, but we may use the treatment to help with a variety of injuries based on your needs.

Common conditions that benefit from the treatment include:

  • Muscle strains or pulled muscles
  • Joint injuries, particularly runner's knee or tennis elbow
  • Certain problems with the nerves, such as sciatica or bulging discs that put pressure on the nerves
  • Pain from injuries or problems with a tendon

The primary goal of the treatment is pain relief. The treatment improves blood circulation to the treated area, which helps your body heal and recover from an injury. The specific use of the treatment varies based on the injuries.

When to Consider the Treatment for Pain Relief

You want to consider the treatment for pain relief when you have a chronic condition that worsens over time or you have injuries to a muscle group in your body. It may also help with other soft-tissue injuries, such as tendonitis or injuries to the ligaments. 

We may also suggest the treatment when the cause of your pain is not clear. The use of sound was initially a form of diagnosing certain health conditions and it may assist with diagnosis when the underlying reasons for your discomfort are not clear based on your symptoms or the situation leading to your discomfort. The treatment may also help when you have concerns about your circulation or when the cause of your pain relates directly to a problem with circulation in the affected area.

Treating an injury to your body or a chronic pain condition starts with identifying the underlying concerns and developing a personalized strategy to help with your goals. In some cases, we use ultrasound to address soft-tissue injuries. To learn more about the use of the treatment or for an appointment, call 562-434-5656 today.

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