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Long Beach, CA 90803
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Rapid Release Technology From Our Long Beach Chiropractor

Has your body been growing slower, stiffer, more painful, and generally "crankier" lately? If so, you might dismiss it as just as a side effect of aging or hard work, when in fact you're being sabotages by collections of scar tissue that inhibit your flexibility and make even simple motions uncomfortable. Fortunately, there's an innovative, drug-free solution to this kind of pain and stiffness. You can get relief through Rapid Release Technology from the office of Dr. Michael A. Wooten at Alamitos Bay Chiropractic & Wellness Center, proudly serving the serving the Naples, Naples Island, Los Alamitos, Belmont Shore, Seal Beach, College Estates, and Rossmoor areas.

woman getting rapid release treatment

A High-Tech Treatment for Breaking Up Scar Tissue

Scarring in a normal physical process; in fact, it's an important method for immobilizing injured tissues and helping them heal. But this normally beneficial function can occasionally run out of control. When it does, adjacent muscles or connective tissues may become "glued" together, trapped by lumps of overgrown scar tissue called adhesions. Adhesions can prevent affected tissues from moving properly, causing you pain when you try to move the tissue beyond a limited degree. They can even trap nerves, causing unpleasant neurological symptoms.

Rapid Release Technology is a state-of-the-art technique for releasing the iron grip of adhesions. It makes use of a hand-held device that vibrates at super-high frequencies. These vibrations cause scar tissue to oscillate without affecting the less dense tissues of the body. The oscillation then creates a shearing force that breaks up the scar tissue, freeing your muscles, nerves, and connective tissues to resume full-range, pain-free motion. 

What to Expect From Rapid Release Technology

Since scar tissue plays a role in many different conditions, Rapid Release Technology can serve as a highly versatile treatment tool. We can use it to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder/ankle/knee problems, general pain and stiffness in various parts of the body, and even TMJ pain. Our chiropractor will first make a detailed study of your current symptoms, medical history, and any old accidents or sports injuries that may have never quite healed satisfactorily. Examination of your spinal alignment can determine whether your pain is due to an underlying misalignment instead of adhesions.

Once we're confident that Rapid Release Technology can help you, we can move directly on to treatment. The device can be used through clothing or directly on the skin. A treatment session takes only a few minutes and causes no discomfort whatsoever.

Let Us Give You a Break From Pain and Stiffness

If you're ready to take a much-needed break from pain and stiffness the safe and natural way, then you're ready to learn more about the amazing potential of Rapid Release Technology. Call 562-434-5656 to set up an initial consultation with our Long Beach chiropractor so we can determine whether this high-tech form of pain relief makes sense for you!


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