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5929 E Naples Plaza
Long Beach, CA 90803
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Chiropractic Care for Back Pain in Long Beach, CA

Of all the musculoskeletal symptoms humans have to endure, back pain is surely one of the most debilitating. In fact, it's the world's leading cause of disability and one of the leading causes of missed workdays. If your own battle with back pain is keeping you from earning a living, sleeping, playing your favorite sport or simply enjoying life, it's time to get relief -- in the form of chiropractic care from Dr. Michael A. Wooten at the Alamitos Bay Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

Woman wtih back pain while gardening in Long Beach.

Common Back Pain Causes

The spine is graceful and amazingly capable structure, but it's also a complicated one. It not only supports your body weight, but its joints and soft tissues allow it to move freely, even as it houses and protects the spinal cord. even a small change in this delicate balance of components can cause back pain.

The cause of your back symptoms may seem obvious to you if you've experienced an acute injury. An impact on the body (as in an auto or sports accident) can strain the back muscles; dislodge vertebrae and herniated spinal discs. Lifting a heavy object incorrectly can also tear muscles and connective tissues to cause acute pain. But you can also suffer from chronic pain (which may have been years in the making) from causes such as:

  • Strained or arthritic vertebral joints
  • Degenerative joint or bone conditions in the spine
  • Bulging discs that compress spinal nerve tissue
  • An untreated misalignment that produces muscle spasms and strains
  • Poor posture or awkward workplace ergonomics that place your back under continuous or repetitive stress

Natural Treatment for Long Beach Back Pain Sufferers

Bring your sore back to our Long Beach CA clinic for drug-free, surgery-free treatment. Once our chiropractor has studied your spine to understand the nature of your pain, chiropractic care and other natural methods can be employed to bring safe, effective relief. Spinal adjustments can realign vertebral joints and discs, easing nerve compression and chronic muscle strain. We also offer massage therapy to ease soft tissue inflammation and help injured back muscles heal more quickly. Physiotherapy can prove useful for both chronic and acute back pain by helping your back improve its flexibility and strength. We can combine multiple healing methods into your very own customized back pain treatment plan.

Ready to Put That Back Pain Behind You?

If you're ready to move on from back pain and get back to your normal life, take the first step today by contacting Dr. Michael A. Wooten at the Alamitos Bay Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Call 562-434-5656 to schedule evaluation and treatment!

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